Crocheted Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Last year I was in a bind! I wanted to be Professor Trelawney from the Harry Potter series but I waited to long to get the "right" items for my Halloween Costume. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I couldn't go without getting dressed up and celebrating the fun aspects with my kids.


Because I waited too long, I decided to make myself a cape. The idea came about as I wandered through Michaels to pick up some games, treats for my daughter's Halloween Party at school. I saw a cute wooden basket and thought, I can be Little Red Riding Hood.

Armed with my crochet hook, red yarn by Red Heart, and a some crochet knowledge, I set out to make myself a cape. I have made capelets before and knew the basic construction (25 years plus of crocheting will help!). I made the upper part of the body in a single crochet stitch that looked like knit, called the Waistcoat stitch.


As my cape progressed I realized that stitch was taking too long and so I decided to use treble crochet instead and make the cape work up faster and longer quickly. I mean, I only had a few days before Halloween!

The hood was a bit more challenging but I knew I needed to work it like a bonnet and join it at neck of the cape. I used a double crochet stitch and it worked up quickly.


It was a fun and quick project. With the right tools, yarn, and ideas, anything can be made with crochet!