Making a Sweater: Designing

Last week I talked about Making a Sweater.  This week I am sharing my design ideas.  I still haven't made any firm decisions, partly because I have been knitting and crocheting Christmas gifts as well as getting ready for several get-togethers at my house.  Either way, I do have 4 ideas of how I want my sweaters to look. 

Between These Stitches Designing a Sweater.jpg

The first and third designs have all of the ideas I like about my current style:  3/4 length sleeves, a boat neck, and a possible cable design on the front or arms. The second ideas is more of a cardigan style sweater. I wear tons of cardigans in the winter and a cardigan would be a great addition to my wardrobe. Out of all of the ideas, that may be my least favorite, although its still in the back of my mind.  

Between These Stitches Design A Sweater 2.jpg

My fourth idea is totally out of the blue and has some of my ideas but not all. First and foremost, its a short sleeve pullover. Second, its not fitted.  While I am really partial to fitted sweaters I also thought it would be fun to make something that I could wear into spring without thinking I would get hot. (Once you reach a certain age body temperatures change and well, I am of that age.) What I like the most of this idea is the possibility of a design in the front, none in the back and the opening in the back.  Love that concept.  

Between These Stitches Yarn 5.jpg

I'm still on the fence about yarn. I will look for a worsted weight and get swatching after  Christmas.  I like the idea of a two colored pullover with neutral colors. However, if I happen to bump into a few pretty colors that suit my skin tone, who knows, I may just splurge.  Are you joining in the knit-a-long? What are your designs? I will be back next week with a swatch and my last post of the year.  Have an enjoyable holiday! 

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