Craft as therapy

I have always been creative in one way or another.  Ever since I can remember I have made things with my hands.  My first foray into making was tearing magazines apart and putting several images into albums.  When my youngest brother was born I took to taking pictures of him and creating photo albums.  Finally when I was 16 I learned to crochet. 

Crochet has been my core creative outlet ever since I was 16.  I loved the feel of the yarn in my hands, the movement of my fingers, to the colors and textures of yarn.  I have used crochet throughout my life to gain clarity, patience, relax, and unwind.  Out of all of my crafts, crochet is the one I have done the longest and felt the most connected to.  

In some ways, crochet is my therapy.  It's how I process information and creatively solve problems.  Moving my hands to make something allows the small whispers of my heart, intuition, to come forth with clarity and sound advice.  

Like any other craft, becoming proficient at crochet has taken many ups and downs.  Right and wrong turns and lots of love.  I can't deny my love for this craft, yarn, fibers, and now knitting.  Along with my camera, I took a needle, hook, and some yarn, wherever I go.  I strayed away from this craft for a while, but alas, I keep coming back because it is how I share myself with the world.  It allows me to be me, and of course, use it for its therapeutic purposes.  

Fiber Art, and any craft, that you do with dedication, really is therapy. What's your craft?