Knitted Snowdrift Beanie

I recently finished another great beanie pattern from Michele of 144 Stitches.  This beanie, the Snow Drift Beanie pattern, was also a test knit, and it was such a fun one to make.  Not only was it fast (super bulky yarn) but the pattern allowed me to try new techniques. 


The pattern includes some yarn overs and knitting back over stitches. I had never really done the knitting back stitch but it was fun to see the texture it created and dimension it gave an otherwise flat hat. 


What I liked most about the hat was that it had no brim. I have a small head (yes, I keep touting how I am petite, short torso, small head, short, etc.) but this really made a difference in the sizing of the hat for me and really allowed the hat to work with my currently short hair.  All the slouchy beanies right now are pretty but don't fit my style or current hair style (or so I perceive and so it is).  


This was another great pattern by Michele. The best part was that I was finished with it right in time for snow!