Share the Cozy

When Michele of 144 Stitches asked her Instagram friends who wanted to participate in her Share the Cozy or the Chase the Chill Campaign, I knew I wanted to get involved.  I have always been one to work for a common good and to give back to my community.  I really liked the idea of handmade crochet and knit items that would be given to those who need it.  Not only is making something from yarn a passion, but so is sharing that gift with others, especially if in need. 


The purpose of Michele's campaign is to leave these handmade items somewhere where people will find them and take them if they need them. Not only did I want to do that, but I also wanted to provide these handmade items to an organization in my local area that is always giving back to the community and is founded on those principles. 


I shared many of the items with the Puerto Rican Action Board in New Brunswick. Not only do I know the Chief Program Officer, she's my best friend, but I know that the work PRAB does for the greater Central New Jersey is imperative and serves to help many diverse communities.  


I was so happy I made the choice to be a part of such a great endeavor and I"m grateful to Michele for her generosity, time, and sharing her gifts.  How do you give back?