New Year, New Yarn: Don't buy Cheap Yarn

It was the day after Christmas and I was spent from doing, making, and well, people.  As an introvert, nothing makes me more tired than tons of people. While our Christmas celebrations were small and I'm always the cheery, happy host, the aftermath always leaves me tired and well, spent. But the idea of going to my local yarn shop (LYS) had me excited and feeling refreshed. Nothing like yarn to make my day and turn my mood upside right.  My friend and I drove to the a LYS in Hillsborough but it was closed.  That didn't stop our adventurous spirit and highly excited maker minds. 


We then drove over an hour to get to Chelsea Yarns in Red Bank, NJ.  The shop is beautiful, light and airy, (yarn shop dream come true!).  We were amazed by the variety of yarn from well known brands as well as indie buyers.  My friend was in love with the dynamic range of colors from the yarns that were available. I loved the textures and colors but was on a mission to get yarn that would work for my Comfort Fade Cardi Knit-a-Long as well as the sweater/pullover I am designing for myself.  

Over the years I have done a lot of yarn buying (shocker, I know) and the one thing I have realized is that yarn should be good quality. Not only do you want the items you make to last but you also want them to be beautiful, soft, and dare I even say, luxurious!  Yes, I love a good quality yarn that is durable, but what I love more is fiber that feels good, is soft to touch and will look good based on design.  


Now, I am not promoting that you go and blow your budget on yarn that is not affordable, but I am a big proponent of buying yarn that will work well for your project but that is also a quality yarn.  I have spent anywhere from $8 to $30 a skein and numbers in between. I understand the desire to have yarn to work with versus the desire to buy expensive yarn. I think part of this process involves being intentional with your yarn purchases and knowing how you will use the yarn so it doesn't feel indulgent or overly extravagant. 


The point is to buy what you want, need, or desire based on your values and budget.  I love having a good healthy yarn stash but what I love more is an intentional purchase of quality yarn that I will make into garments, or gifts for myself or those I love, that I enjoyed making because I had the right product to make it.  I still buy yarn at Michaels and Joann's but more than just buying yarn, I buy yarn that fits my budget and serves the purpose I want it to serve.  Will my own designed sweater be more expensive than a store bought one? Yes, but will I love it? Absolutely! It's about what we value and life's too short for cheap yarn. 

Happy New Year and New Yarn Adventures!