Essential Oils for Crafters

Last year, around the end of the year, I was in some serious joint pain in my hands and knees. I couldn't understand what was happening to my joints. I am relatively young and the thought of any joint problem in my hands was disheartening, especially since I do a lot with my hands, including crocheting.  Thanks to the beautiful Instagram community I found out about the use of essential oils for various ailments, including joint pain.  


A now dear friend introduced me to DoTerra Essential Oils and I was more than happy to try out anything for my joints.  With her help introduction into oils, I began to dive deep into their uses, which reminded me of the use of natural herbs I was already accustomed to using.   The essential oil blend, Deep Blue by DoTerra was a great introduction to the oils to help with my inflamed joints.  I use the Deep Blue whenever I want to bring some relief to my joints and have a happy crocheting experience.  


In addition to the deep blue, I began using a few other oils.   My current favorite oils include lavender, bergamot, and wild orange. I use lavender in the evening for its soothing properties. I use bergamot and wild orange for its uplifting qualities. I tend to diffuse my oils or inhale them in cupped hands when I need a quick pick me up.  


Diffusing oils is a great way to get the benefits of the oils as well as as feel good. Oils have a way of communicating with your brain that brings immediate and lasting effects to your body and mind.  Inhaling oils is another great way to get quick results from the use of oils. Place one drop of an essential oil in your hand, rub and cup your face to inhale.  Some oils need a carrier oil before putting them on your skin due to skin sensitivities, if that's the case, place coconut oil in your hand before adding an essential oil to your hand.  The carrier oil will help avoid skin irritability.  

Essential oils have become a part of my daily routine. I especially use them when I am crocheting to help me either relax or get motivated to work on and finish my projects.  Want to give oils a try, drop me a line, I would love to send you a sample of my favorite oils for crafters.  

CreativityKatiusca Guzman