Learn to Crochet Series

Learning to crochet opened up a whole world of creativity for me. I learned to crochet when I was 16 and have never really stopped making handmade items.  The range of items that you can make with crochet are the same as knitting except that the discipline is slightly different. 

Crochet Stitches-BetweenTheseStitches-3.jpg

Crochet requires a hook and a yarn.  Crochet hooks vary in sizes as do the types of yarns that are available to you.  A quick trip to your local craft store will show you the variety of hooks, from small to thin and thick yarns.  To learn to crochet I suggest that you pick up a larger hook, from size J to P, and a bulky weight yarn.  Each yarn has a number that corresponds to its weight as well as a label that will show you which size hook works best with the yarn you are chosing. Once you buy a hook and yarn you are ready to learn to crochet.  Check out my video series here!