I’m a selfish knitter

It took me a long time to pick up knitting needles. I had heard stories of how hard it was to take a knitted project apart and then put it back together, not to mention how long it takes. All hearsay, of course!

The reality was that I didn’t want to take the time to learn something new. About 10 years ago, however, I picked up some wooden knitting needles, corresponding yarn and got to work. Even though I have been able to knit for 10 years, it wasn’t until about two years ago that I really took the time to learn more than just the purl or knit stitch.

© KatiuscaGuzman.BlushCatHat.03.jpg

Knitting has opened up a world of new techniques, ideas, textures and the desire for more luxurious yarns.  Since pushing my knitting boundaries two years ago, I have learned to ssk, M1, the german cast on, short rows, and have even thought of learning brioche.  For all my new found skills, I still feel slow, I knit tightly and I feel like a project takes forever!

Did I say FOREVER! Because of this, I have decided that I will be a selfish knitter. I will buy myself the prettiest and expensive yarn, the best wooden knitting needles, and even invest in a swift.  Even though I have made knitted items for others,  I feel the frustration of not getting it done fast enough and when I am done, I then go right back to crocheting.  

Crochet is my happy place and I love the look, textures you can create, and all of the new and modern designs in the crochet world.  So while I crochet for others, I will continue to knit for me and learn my skills, one stitch at a time.  Are you a selfish knitter? Or crocheter?