Learn how to crochet

Crochet is the foundation of all of my creative journey. Learning to crochet opened up a world of creativity for me. It helped me not only learn how to make things with my hands, but allowed my mind to relax, and soul to open up to many possibilities.  In the videos below, I will show you how to learn to crochet from how to hold your yarn to creating stitches. The goal of this series is to get you to make at least one item, whether that be a scarf, a few lines, or something new and exciting! 

HOw to Hold your Yarn 

Learning to hold your yarn is the foundation to learning to make all other stitches in crochet.  Watch the video to learn how.  (This video shows how to hold your yarn if you are right handed.  Stay tuned for a left handed video).  

How to make a slip knot

A slip knot holds your crochet work in place and it is usually how you start your project.  Watch this video to learn how.  

HOw to make a chain 

A chain is the foundation of crochet.  Every project will most likely begin with some form of a chain.  Learn how to make a chain by watching the video.